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Some more feedback from our customers....

I’ll tell you this – if I had backed out of the Segway part of the visit I would have missed a great experience! How many different ways can you say cool? The Segway is a fabulous machine. After about 12 – 15 minutes of simple training from Sherry at the SegTours of Gettysburg headquarters we were ready to go. Ed Guy arrived to be our licensed battlefield guide and he and Sherry led us east along the streets of town toward Culp’s Hill.
      - John Fox Blog

Thanks for the great tour on the Segways this past Tues. We had a terrific time! Although I was a little hesitant, I had fun and it was quite a learning experience! We appreciated the little extras that you provided for the group. The only problem--Earl got way too many "rear-view" pics of me during the tour! Thanks again and have a good fall season!
      - Sue and Earl from Pennsylvania

We took your battlefield tour without having been to the Visitor Center first; we were glad we had. The movie, cyclorama and museum were all more meaningful given our fresh experience of the related topography. We particularly appreciated your choice of Dave Eisenhart as our guide. He's a certainly gifted educator. We were delighted when he was able to rejoin us for a tour of the eastern battlefield the following day.

I can't think of a better way to travel up, down, and around the battlefield than on a Segway. They're pure fun; I didn't want to give mine back! It has all the advantages of being on horseback, with none of the liabilities. I have arthritis in both feet (after fracturing my heels), but experienced no aches or pains during or after the tour. You've done a great job organizing everything, right down to the bottled water and cookies.
      - Susan from Maryland

We have done a bus tour, a car tour, and a horse tour of Gettsyburg over the years--but nothing was as fun as our guided segway tour. Cruising the battlefields with a sweet breeze on your face on the whisper-quiet segways made for a great memory for our family.
      - Rob from Maryland

We both just wanted to say "thank you" again for the wonderful tour of Gettysburg and the battlefield and the marvelous experience with a Segway! You are terrific teachers -- very encouraging and affirming! We were the focus of the conversation at the birthday party later that afternoon since everyone wanted to know more about what we had done and seen! So, again from two Segway novices (one of whom has a sunburned face!), Thank you soooo much!
      - Sister Margaret and Sister Mary Leonard (82 yrs) from Washington D.C.

I was impressed with everything about the tour. I'm a history teacher, and I felt that the audio tour was detailed and presented good information throughout. Amy and I were both struck by the fact that we covered a ton of ground, but never felt rushed. It really was the ideal way to see the battlefield. Honestly, I could have spent another 2-3 hours roaming the field that way. Everything was top notch and exceeded our expectations. Next time we're in Gettysburg we'd love to do the Eastern half of the battlefield as well. Thanks again!
      - Pete from Connecticut

Our Segway Gettysburg tour was great fun! What a wonderful day it was. The audio tour was very professional and we sure learned a lot. It was an easy day trip from D.C. and we're going to suggest to all our friends!
      - Russ and Becky from Washington D.C.

You guys rock! I can't even put in words what a great time we had on the Segway tour. We spent four days in Gettysburg and your tour is the only thing we talked about all the way home! It was a hoot and we can't wait to come back in the fall and do the Eastern battlefield!
      - Carol from Pennsylvania

We had a great time touring the Gettysburg battlefield on Segways; I think it is the ideal way to experience this kind of scene. No sore feet and a lot of territory covered in a reasonable length of time. The guide, Gary, was clearly the high point of the whole day. He is a walking (or riding) encyclopaedia of Civil War information. We felt like we were really at the scene of action during his narrative.
      - Charlotte and Mike from Arizona

Just wanted to thank you so much for a fantastic tour experience - we loved it!
      - John from Pennsylvania

It has been three months since our segway tour of Gettysburg, and we still can't stop talking about it! The scenery, the information, the history! We learned, we laughed and we were informed and entertained. Absolutely do not miss the opportunity to take this voyage. I endorse it!
      - Marc Summers
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As far as Ruth & I are concerned, your tour is the best way to see the battlefield. There is no comparison to being out in the open and being able to look around as you are moving, to being in a car or bus looking out a window if you are a passenger. The driver of course must watch where he or she is going. As you said, it makes you almost feel like you are one of the troops involved in the battle. Thank you again for the wonderful time.
      - Tom from Saint Kitts and Nevis (Caribbean)

As you know my father is 71 years old and a history buff. It has been three weeks and he's still thanking me for the best birthday present that he has had in years!
      - Angela from Virginia

I just wanted to say thank you from all of us here at the office for a great time on the Segways last Friday. The staff is still talking about what a wonderful time they had. We cannot believe how much ground we covered over the battlefields in three hours. Thanks again.
      - Joetta from Pennsylvania

We sure had a lot of fun touring Gettysburg on a Segway. Gettysburg tours come in lots of shapes and sizes but we've learned that a Segway is THE ONLY way to go! In three hours, we saw a huge amount of the battlefield (including parts that I'd never seen in many previous visits) and had great fun doing it. The audio tour was very well done and the company escort took very good care of us.
      - Lou from New Jersey

I'm a student of the Gettysburg battlefield and have been there at least a dozen times. I stumbled across your Segway tours on the internet and was gobsmacked. What a great idea!! The Segway is the perfect way to get around and gives you a view of the battlefield that can't be compared to a car or bus. The only time I've had a better tour of the battlefield was when I was young enough to walk it...and that took four days!
      - George from Connecticut

We had such a wonderful tour of the Eastern battlefield. At the age of 67 both of us were a bit apprehensive about riding the Segway. We needn't have worried, once we had the lesson it was just plain fun. Ed was an excellent guide and you paired us with him knowing our particular interest in the Culp's Hill, Spangler's Spring area. The ice cold water and cherries you provided were so welcome, and your rear guard position made us feel very safe. Thank you both!
      - Bob and Donna from Oregon

Myself and everyone in my group had a fantasic time that afternoon. I am certain that we will do that with other family members. Thanks again for a great afternoon.
      - Bryan from Pennsylvania

This was my third Segway tour (the first two were in Washington D.C. and Baltimore) and yours was SO much better than the others that there's no comparison. Having a real historian (not a college kid) as a guide makes a huge difference. We learned so much and had a lot of fun doing it! You folks really know how to put on a professional tour.
      - Norman from Washington D.C.

Larry and I had a great time on your tour – informative and fun. We hope to get back to Gettysburg soon to take the tour of the Eastern battlefield.
      - Joy from Virginia

I confess that I paused when I saw the price of the Segway tour but my wife reminded me that it was for two and a half hours -- a real bargain compared to other activities in town. Now that I have taken the tour, I don't know what I was thinking! I'd do it again in a heartbeat! In fact, maybe I will. The guide was such a wealth of knowledge, I could listen to him all day long.
      - Jim from Pennsylvania

All sorts of wonderful stuff came out of your magical saddle bags. The cold bottled water and fruit were not just nice touches -- they were signs that you were really focused on our comfort. And when it started to sprinkle near the end of our tour, you were Johnny-on-the-spot with rain ponchos. A lesser company would have nickle-and-dimed us for those extras. Kudos to a really superb operation! We will certainly tell our friends.
      - Jess and Mary from Maryland

As hard as we tried, we couldn't stump our guide [Gary Kross]. He really knows his stuff!
      - Henry and Lynn from Missouri

Our family has visited Gettysburg on numerous occasions and took part in many different battlefield tours. The tour of the battlefield on the Segways was by far and away the best tour we have ever done. It was enjoyable, fun and very informative with your own guide. The cost was well worth the benefit. It is something that we look forward to doing again on our next trip.
      - Ron from West Virginia


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